Things That Lead To Dental Emergencies


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It is unfortunate that not all of these emergencies are a poor reflection on yourself. But for some, an emergency tooth extraction in Wilsonville could very well be a reflection of their poor behavior. But for most, obviously not. While things may happen for a reason, they’re often not easy to understand why, and in many cases, they seem to jump on you when you least expect. But thank goodness for that. At least the dentist is available for these kinds of emergencies.

Not all of these emergencies are a reflection on you. After all, you are one of those who continue to brush teeth and gums at least three times a day. Oh yes, there is that too, almost forgot, there’s this thing called flossing. Strange how so many people never get this part right. And they don’t even bother to utilise a dentally-approved mouthwash either. Anyway, where were we? Oh yes, there is that too. It is hardly your fault if you get tangled up in a roadside accident.

And you chip your teeth quite badly. That’s emergency treatment for you. And yes, that is possible too. You’re a fine college football player at times. You’re wearing your helmet. And of course, you always wear your gum guards. But there is that too. In a crush, your gum guards could go flying to the other side of the pitch. And in the process some rather nasty looking line-backer attempts to crush you to a pulp.

That he doesn’t, or can’t, is full credit to you, of course. But there’s next to nothing you can do when you lose a couple of good teeth in the process. Or is it teef now? That’s emergency treatment for you alright. What elseĀ…