What Attracts Mosquitos To Your Yard

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What Attracts Mosquitos To Your Yard


Many things can attract a mosquito towards you, but only a few can lure them into your yard. You need to know what could be the possible mosquito magnets in your garden. 

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Following are some of the things you need to remove from your garden to ensure mosquitoes stay away. You can either contact mosquito control in Monticello or use mosquito repellents to make sure these insects don’t come near you.  

Standing Water 

Mosquitos spend most of their life in water, where they breed and lay eggs. Standing water is ideal for them to reproduce and fill your yard with more of their species. And, the worst thing is that they do not need much water to breed. 

These creatures can reproduce in wheelbarrows, buckets, tires, flowerpots, or can lids filled with the smallest amount of water. So, you have to turn everything that contains water to make sure no insect can make it a home.  

If you find out the potential ones in your garden, free them from the water and keep them clean. It will reduce the chances of these insects breeding in your garden. 

Clogged Drains

When drains and gutters around your house do not get cleaned for a long time, leaves and twigs might block them and trap some water. These leaves create the perfect home for the mosquitoes to live and breed. 

You have to make sure that the water can run freely through these drains, gutters and pipes. It will keep the mosquitoes from gathering in your yard. 


Even if you get rid of the above things in your yard, mosquitoes can still find their way to you. A mosquito bite can cause some dangerous, life-threatening diseases such as malaria and zika. But as long as you know what attracts them, you can prevent yourself from being bitten.